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I had a thought as I was driving this morning. It may not seem profound to anyone else, but it felt like it when I thought of it. The reason most of what’s wrong in the world is wrong is because our entire economic system is based on taking things away from other people. Let … Continue reading

Low Wage Jobs

The movie Titanic demonstrates something about the struggle to survive that’s relevant to subsistence and below-subsistence wages. Even though the people in the water froze to death, they still put on life jackets and clung to floating debris. They didn’t want to drown. Why? Dead is dead, right? No, it doesn’t work that way. Even … Continue reading

An Open Letter to My Brother

Dear Greg, You recently posted this entertaining video explaining the horrors of socialism and, thereby, presumably proving that capitalism is better. This would be a sound argument if… a) …capitalism and socialism were the only two choices, b) …the richest people obtained all their money by working harder than everyone else, instead of just by … Continue reading

204 Republicans Who Want to Protect Wage Theft

Detroit Set to Deny Water to Thousands; People Fight Back

The Price of Blame

According to a study in Florida, the public cost of leaving a homeless person on the streets, including the cost of incarceration and emergency medical treatment, is $21,014 more expensive than just giving that person an apartment, job training, and Medicaid. That’s just for one person. Multiply by the number of homeless people in a … Continue reading

I’m merchandise?

I don’t know if it was intended or not, but there’s a conversation waiting to be started here about the commoditization of labor…of people. We aren’t “workers” or “consumers” or “tenants” or taxpayers or accounts or commissions or anything else that reduces us to a fungible number. We’re people. (Don’t see the video below? Click … Continue reading